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There are an estimated 77 million diabetics (type 2) and 25 million prediabetics in India over the age of 18.

"50% of people are unaware of their diabetic status, which leads to health complications." 

What makes us special

Why dealing with Diabetes is a challenge for Doctors?

There are various challenges in the clinical management of patients with diabetes. These challenges include dealing with a diverse patient population with varying needs across multiple care settings. There is often a lack of long-term disease context, as well as limited information and support for patients who live outside of healthcare facilities. Additionally, healthcare providers may struggle to identify high-risk patients and provide timely and proactive care. Lastly, the current approach to managing chronic patients is often fragmented and not integrated.

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying logbooks and food diaries.

How YourPal is making a difference?

YourPal is a platform for Remote Patient Monitoring that focuses on managing patients who could be in a danger zone or advised constant monitoring. This platform includes a patient app for iOS and Android devices, such as phones and tablets, which wirelessly collects data from monitoring devices like Glucometers. The collected data is then sent to YourPal App on the cloud for analysis.

YourPal helps health systems to stay ahead of decompensation in patients with chronic diseases by tracking their care plans, analyzing received vitals, and generating alerts that are tailored to each patient's needs. It also generates a comprehensive report specific to the patient's disease, which doctors can analyze over any longitudinal period.

blood pressure
blood pressure
What makes us special


A range of features that can help you manage diabetes more effectively

  • Notify the Medical Practitioners and making easy for them to intervene whenever required.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive logging system to help you track important therapy data, such as blood sugar and meals.
  • Import data automatically and use infographics to detect patterns and analyze your data. 
  • Compare data and analyze blood sugar trends, as well as segregate and view data based on specific events or time periods.
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Yes. The user’s reading can be segregated and can be viewed during fasting & post-meals (PP). Along with this, the user can also view the data in tabular as well as graphical format.

Yes, the users can see their readings based on their meals and can apply filters on different activities like before breakfast, after lunch and similar aspects.

For a patient to become compliant, the patient has to take the reading for the vital he/she is enrolled in. By doing so, the patient becomes compliant again.

No. The patient can access the updated prescription on their mobile application and does not require to visit the hospital.