Blood Pressure

46% of Adults with Hypertension are unaware of their health condition.

"Health risks associated with uncontrolled hypertension include heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, vision loss, and many severe diseases."

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YourPal: What can it do for you?

YourPal is an effective solution for managing hypertension and other ailments. This app allows you to record, track, analyze, and share your blood pressure data using your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enabled device.

You can easily sync your blood pressure readings from a compatible blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth capability. Once recorded, you can analyze your results using charts and insights to identify trends, progress, and correlations between systolic and diastolic pressure. By understanding your results, you can develop strategies for lowering your blood pressure and identifying potential causes of hypertension.

What makes us special

It’s time to leave your notebooks and go digital.

YourPal also allows you to share your healthcare information with your healthcare providers to keep them informed. Whether you want to assess the effectiveness of your medication, minimize side effects, control your blood pressure with a new diet, or track your progress, YourPal empowers you to take an active role in managing your health conveniently and effectively. Don't rely on traditional methods like a notebook when you have a more efficient and accessible tool at your disposal.

blood pressure
blood pressure
What makes us special


Remote patient monitoring devices such as Blood Pressure monitors is employed to constantly monitor and gather patients' vital information.

  • Automatically notify the Medical Practitioners so that they can intervene immediately if needed.
  • Easy reminders and non-compliance flagging.
  • Data storage for past medical history and social habits so the doctor can assess your condition holistically.
  • Eliminating hospital visits - Deliver prescriptions and consultations anywhere.
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Yes. YourPal app measures the pulse along with the blood pressure. Users are also informed about their varying pulse levels.

Non- compliance refers to reaching the threshold criteria of missing the mandates for any vital. When the user consecutively misses the readings for a certain number of times, the user becomes non-compliant, and the medical practitioner of the user gets notified

The users can track their vitals and remotely connect & refer to the prescription & consultancy notes prescribed by the medical experts through their mobile application.

Yes. YourPal is a fully secure RPM app where we have introduced multi-level security practices to provide convenient and seamless collection and transmission of patient data for clinician assessment.

All readings for which alerts have been generated will be followed up by the assigned medical experts. They provide timely assistance to users through notes and prescriptions.