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Robust monitoring application that lets you go deeper, better, and more effective in knowing your patient's needs.

What makes us special

Key Features

Monitor progress via notifications

View the patient’s progress through assigned notifications for providing the personal care they need.

Simple connectivity with healthcare devices

Seamless connectivity with all healthcare devices can be controlled through the mobile application.

Flawless in vitals reading and transfer

Access the application to measure real-time vitals reading and transfer to any location via the internet.

Roles and permissions-based access for different stakeholders

Keeping security and data at the forefront, role-based access control is set for individually assigning permission to people.

Faster and personalized support to patients

The app can be customized as per the patient’s health requirements and administer effective treatment.

Missed reading alerts

Doctors can receive reminders about the missed readings of the patients and let them take action without delays.

Configurational rules for vitals

Doctors can customize vitals monitoring parameters as per the patient's needs and deliver a robust outcome.

Interactive graphical representation of readings

Showcasing vitals through graphs and reports to compare different values and recognize time oriented progress of a patient.

three key stages

How YourPal Works?

work step 1
Step-1 Data Collection

Remote patient monitoring devices such as Blood Pressure monitors and glucometers are employed to constantly monitor and gather patients' vital information.

work step 1
Step-2 Evaluation

After receiving the collected data, the system automatically alerts healthcare professionals on readings based on rules customized to patients’ needs. This helps a healthcare practitioner in reviewing and identifying areas of concern.

work step 1
Step-3 Transmission

The data captured through remote monitoring devices is transmitted to healthcare providers through push notifications. In the event of an urgent situation, notifications are immediately sent to the patient for immediate remedy.

Welcome To Yourpal

Technology Behind YourPal Application

YourPal is a smart healthcare application built on ClowreTM, a run time of Sarvika Technologies based on the modular application architecture. This amalgamation of technology and healthcare is a medium to bridge the gap between patients and proper treatments without raising costs. YourPal is future-proof, scalable, and secure from any vulnerabilities, making it a good choice for any healthcare institution.

We Care about you

How are we making a difference?

Benefits For Patients

Benefits for Patients

YourPal application can help patients accurately measure and track vitals like Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose while spending less. The application can help patients accurately measure and track vitals like blood pressure and Blood Glucose while spending less money on in-hospital treatment. We are making it possible for patients to access medical care quickly and conveniently from the comfort of their place and diagnose diseases at the earliest stage. The frequent support and care to patients enhance their satisfaction with treatment and make them more responsible for their health.

Benefits for Doctors

Benefits for Doctors

Doctors can significantly improve approaches to treating acute and chronic diseases through YourPal. This robust healthcare app will provide constant updates on the patient’s health status which can reduce emergency risks and unnecessary hospitalizations. Apart from this, the doctors/medical team will also timely receive data about the symptoms and conditions of patients and can deliver better solutions as per requirements.

Benefits for Hospitals

Benefits for Hospitals

The innovative tools and features of YourPal can assist hospitals in easier management across different levels. Digitalized recordkeeping can drastically reduce the inefficiencies of manual paper-based records and deliver faster & accurate access to patient records. YourPal can also help in improving patient outcomes, minimizing expenses, and enhancing capabilities despite staffing challenges majorly faced by hospitals.

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YourPal is an RPM application compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices and uses digital technologies to monitor and analyze a patient's vital information outside of a traditional clinical setting. It can enable healthcare professionals to carry out fundamental workflows and respond to alerts without requiring access to clinical premises.

Yes. YourPal is a fully secure RPM app tested numerous times for extracting out any sort of vulnerabilities. We have introduced multi-level security practices to provide convenient and seamless collection and transmission of patient data for clinician assessment.

YourPal app delivers an easy yet standard experience to its users. The healthcare app has a great user interface design and is optimized for mobile, where every app feature fits clutter-free and makes it easy to use for anyone.

Yes. YourPal app can be used for delivering RPM-related services to new as well as old established patients.
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